The Friends of Sweetwater Creek State Park, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of Volunteers who have incorporated with the purpose of protecting, preserving, and carefully developing the rich nature and history of Sweetwater Creek State Park.

For years Sweetwater Creek State Park Volunteers have taken school children, church groups and others, down the trails of Sweetwater Creek teaching them history and telling the stories of introducing them to the nature of the world they live in. We support the Park with needed equipment and repairs, all for free without public money.

So, why would this group of unpaid Volunteers do so much? When you visit and see beautiful forest covered hills and sparkling white-water stream & lake, you’ll agree that it must be preserved and protected. Volunteers have also researched the history of New Manchester and are ready to show an incredible story of one of Georgia’s only ghost towns. History and heritage need to be preserved.

The Staff


John E. Johnston, President

Jesse Rowell, Vice President
Kelly Mertens, Co-Vice President

Bert Blood, Treasurer
Kim Cannon, Co-Treasurer

Kim Cannon, Secretary

Board of Directors

Jimmy Farrell

Johnny Buice

Max Prescott

Dr. Justin Verner

Park Office

Don Scarbrough Jr., Interpretive Park Ranger

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